Summer Makeup Tips: Keep your makeup melt-proof!

You now have gorgeous melt-proof lash extensions. You can bet your bottom dollar that no matter what you throw at them, there will be no raccoon eyes in sight, even through the summer heat!
Can that be said for the rest of your face?

Optimize your “hassle-free” summer beauty with our tips to stay melt-proof this summer!

You have gorgeous lash extensions already… so all that’s left is:

1. Get a tan!
If there’s one thing besides lashes that makes women look “wake up and go” beautiful, it’s a great tan! Not into UV exposure? Spray tans & Self tanner are all the rage these days and are actually good for your skin! St. Tropez Self-Tanning Bronze Mouse is an amazingly easy-to-apply at home bronzer! $32 at Sephora.
When you’re tan, skin imperfections fade away, and you can go without foundation!

2. Whiten your teeth.
Tanning alone will help your pearly whites look that much more vivid, but a good teeth whitener can bring your smile in the “beaming” range! That’s what every summer girl wants!

3. Lip gloss.
Lip gloss goes a long way – pick out a few favorites and have them in your purse to finish off the look!

If you need a bit more drama for a night out:

3. Use melt-proof eye/browliner that lasts!
Meltproof lashes need meltproof eyeliner! Geisha Ink ($32 at Lash Affair) not only lasts a full 24 hours, through sweat or tears… but it also is oil-free, and lash extension approved! Available in classic black, or an espresso brown for a softer, more natural look!
Need a bit of help in the brow department? Geisha Ink also carries brow liners ($32 at Lash Affair) that won’t run down your face no matter how hot it is outside! Available in light hair colour, and dark hair.

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The point is to look effortlessly beautiful. With the tips above you can cut down your make-up routine to less than 5 minutes everyday!