What are eyelash extensions?
Eyelash extensions are the biggest kept secret to getting bigger, fuller, longer lashes! Lash Extensions are synthetic material (silk, faux mink, or real siberian mink fur) and are tapered to a fine point to mimic natural lashes in a variety of lengths and thicknesses.

How is Lash Affair different than other lash lounges or lash providers?
-Lash Affair uses only the highest quality lashes in the industry. Some are made in North America, and others are imported.
-We are the first lash lounge in North America to offer the new VOLUME 3D/6D lashing methods!
-We use the safest, most luxurious adhesive to ensure your eyes are not only safe, but pampered with our lashes.
-We include complimentary under eye anti-aging gel pads at each appointment (opposed to tape), to hold down bottom lashes. These gel pads add collagen and elastin and reduce under-eye circles so not only will your lashes look amazing at the end of your appointment, but also your whole eye area.
-Our technicians are all certified to do lashes through the top lash companies, and are a part of continuing education in the field.
-We don’t charge “per lash” but instead believe every woman deserves to have the fullest, most stunning lashes that her natural lashes will allow!
-Our lashes cure in 4 hours! This means you can work out, swim, and wash your face the same night of your appointment!
-We carry the largest variety of curl types, lash diameters, and lengths in lash extensions to best suit you! Not to mention 3 different materials our lashes also come in (synthetic, silk, and mink). Having over 300 lash types ensures you leave with a perfectly customized look that will suit your eye shape and desired look.
-Our amazing satisfaction guarantee!

What will my lashes look like?
With lash extensions from Lash Affair, your finished result will look absolutely stunning. Each and every natural lash you have will be extended with perfectly curled, dark rich extension. We use 4-6 different lengths, and 2 different thicknesses within our sets of extensions to create a very customized look for your unique eye shape! Choose from our 4 signature styles, and we then tailor it to you!

How are lash extensions applied, and how long does it take? 
​ A full set of lash extensions takes between 1-1.5 hours to apply. This depends on how many natural lashes you have, as we extend each lash you have naturally.
Getting lash extensions done is the most relaxing procedure you could get besides a massage! Most of our clients fall asleep as they lounge with their eyes closed on our lash lounge beds. Your technician will be delicately isolating your natural lashes with a pair of tweezers, and applying individual extensions with medical grade adhesive to your natural lashes. Each of our clients also receive a complimentary anti-aging collagen gel pad treatment with their lash service.

How do I prepare for my appointment?
Please arrive to your lash appointment with no eye make-up on. Remove eye make-up a minimum of four hours before your appointment with an oil-free make-up remover for optimal bonding.

How often are fills required?
For most of our clients, fills are ideal around the 3 week mark. Our more active clients (hot yoga, swimmers, or women with naturally oily skin) come a bit sooner (2 weeks) and some other clients who follow aftercare very well (applying our daily sealant, combing them well etc.) can go 4-5 weeks between fills.
Our fill prices are dependent on how long it has been since your last appointment. The longer you wait to come in, the more lashes will need to be filled and therefore will cost more.
Classic fills (2-3.5 weeks)
Lush fills (4-6 weeks)
Volume Fills (5-7 weeks)

Can I work out, swim, and shower with my lash extensions?
You bet! The best part about lash extensions is that they look perfect no matter what the activity. We recommend to apply our coating sealant both before and after strenuous activities to keep the bonds strong and conditioned, but other than that… you go girl!

How do I care for my new lash extensions?
For the first 4 hours after receiving your lash extensions please keep them free of moisture, sweat, make-up or tears.

To maintain your lash extensions:
– have anything oil based near your lashes
-rub your eyes/pull on your lashes
-sleep on your face or rub your lashes into your pillow (we sell protective sleep masks for rough sleepers!)
-wash your lashes and eye area daily with an oil-free cleanser
-comb through your lash extensions to keep them untangled
-apply sealant daily to keep bonds strong, and keep lashes conditioned
-blow dry your lashes to keep them fluffy!

Can I apply mascara on my lash extensions?
Yes, you can wear mascara with your lash extensions, although it is not recommended for everyday wear. Lash Affair carries two varieties of extension-safe mascara that won’t damage the bonds of the extensions.

How do I remove my lash extensions?
Not at all. We use only the highest quality adhesive, specially formulated for use on eyelashes. It has all ingredients listed with both the FDA, and Health Canada. If you have had friends tell you they have had eyelash extensions damage their natural lashes, chances are they went to a place where they were using below standard product, or were inexperienced at applying eyelash extensions. Our eyelash extensions DO NOT affect your natural lashes!

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