Why “cat eye” isn’t always the best option!

When choosing the look you’d like it’s best to leave it to your technician!
Lash Affair lashers are highly trained in choosing the correct lash shape to make your eyes appear larger, more alert, and lifted!

So many women come in asking for “cat-eye” lash extensions. This is because the vast majority of false lashes at the drugstore are cat-eyed, and we like the idea of that same shape.
Here’s the issue.
Natural lashes grow (usually) longest in the mid eye. Our inner corner, and outer corner lashes are the shortest. So when we do a cat eye (using the longest lashes on the outer corner of the eye), where the natural lashes are short, it can make the extensions droop – closing your eye and making them appear smaller. NOT what we are going for with lash extensions!

Don’t get me wrong, some women still look absolutely fabulous with a cat eye shaped lash set, but they are usually clients with very full, very coarse natural lashes that are long and strong pre-extensions.

For your ideal shaping, ask your technician what they’d suggest! We love creating custom, flattering lash sets!


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