Frame your lashes: How Brows complete the look!


Your lashes will of course be beautiful after you have extensions applied… but how is the area that frames the lashes? Is your face completed, balanced, and beautiful?
Women’s faces, and beauty in general all work in “frames”, and there are different levels of frames to the face.

Firstly, lashes frame the eyeball (making your eye colour pop, giving you an instant eyelift).
Secondly, brows frame your lashes and eyelid area.
Thirdly, hair frames the face!

Here’s how to get the perfect brow frame for your lashes!

Even women with little hair on their eyebrows can use product to build up a great set of brows! Here’s how!

photoStep 1: Clean your brow area so it’s free of oil. A make-up or brow primer can then be applied to keep your brows in place!
Step 2: use a brow liner to draw the underline of the brow and the shape you are wanting to create, and a thin line at the top of the brow line. This is your “stencil” that you will now work within.
Step 3: using an angled brush, and a the darkest brown colour, fill in the mid-brow and outer arch with a brow powder.
Step 4: use a lighter/ashy brown powder to fill the inner brow so it doesn’t look too heavy or thick.
Step 5: use a brow highlighter or concealer to highlight the brow bone under the brow area, and clean up the line for a precise finish!

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