Global News Troubleshooter & Lash Affair: Lash Extension Safety!


Global Troubleshooter Julie Matthews gets complaints from customers with damaged lashes far too often. Groupons gone bad, poor products… or bargain extensions gone wrong! The results from inexperienced technicians, poor training (or no training), and cheap product are some seriously shudder worthy damaged lashes that we unfortunately see far too often at Lash Affair from women who want us to “fix” what they had elsewhere.

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Julie Matthews went to a couple of the most trusted lash providers in Edmonton to see what red flags to watch out for! I was so thankful to be a part of this piece, as there just isn’t enough information out there for consumers when looking into lash extensions! The main thing to take away from this article is: not all lash extensions are created equally! If you or a girlfriend has had a bad experience… don’t give up on lash extensions completely! Find a lash lounge that does amazing lashes, has a great portfolio, and good customer reviews!

Julie dove deeper into what to look for in a lash lounge, and how to find a reputable lash provider! See the full story, complete with video (and an amazingly informative video) here:

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