1D Classic, 3D Lush, and 6D Volume – which is right for me?

With the launch of our new lash menu, our clients are now able to choose the volume they would like for their lashes! With traditional lashes, we could only safely attach one thicker extension to each of your natural lashes – so the fuller that natural lashes, the fuller the extensions. While that’s still somewhat true (the more natural lashes you have the more extensions we can apply) our new 3D and 6D Volume sets now give even lash challenged clients the option for volume they have never had before!


So how does volume work?

Classis lash extensions (1D): one extension that is thicker, darker, and curled attached to each natural lash
LUSH extensions (3D): using the thinnest extensions to create a very full, voluminous set of lashes!
VOLUME extensions (6D): using the thinnest extensions to create a mega-full lash line applying up to 6 feather-light lashes to one natural lash!


So which set is right for you?

Our 3D Lush extensions will be our universal best choice for those with both great natural lashes, and those with sparse natural lashes.

Sparse natural lashes: a very sparse set of natural lashes would be considered around 50 lashes per eye. With traditional lash extensions, that would mean you would also get around 50 extensions per eye (minus the natural lashes that are too weak/just growing in that we can’t extend). With 3D extensions, lash-challenged clients with 50 lashes per eye, can now have around 150 lashes per eye! By using thinner extensions we are able to put 3 tiny extensions to each lash! The result? Fluffy, soft extensions that are full and tender!
3D extensions will also be easier to maintain than classic single extensions as the weight is distributed differently, and you will have more lashes to spare between fills… so as they shed, you won’t notice the extensions thinning nearly as much!
Side note: When we say 3D it doesn’t mean that every single lash will have 3 extensions on. We always keep our client’s lash health at the top of our priority list. Meaning, that (in a 3D set) stronger, longer lashes will have up to 4 lash extensions, and weaker finer lashes will have 2. We call the set 3D as it all balances out to around 3 per natural lash with some having more extensions and some less.

Full natural lashes: If you’re a client with full natural lashes (100-130 lashes per eye), 3D Lush extensions you will fall absolutely in love with this new lashing method. Instead of 100-130 extensions per eye before, with 3D you are going to have over 300+ fluffy, rich extensions per eye! Can you say va-voom?


6D VOLUME lashes are that “wow factor” that many women have been looking for for years! These are the show-stoppers! Between 400-750 tiny, fluffy extensions on the average woman’s lash line! These are our most stunning, full, striking lash extensions for the ultimate lash lovers!! These lashes are super fun for everyone for special events! Women with strong, more coarse natural lashes will be able to maintain this volume long-term. Our clients with finer, short lashes should keep 6D to a special occasion treat so your natural lashes aren’t stressed at all! Of course your Lash Affair technician will always do what is best for your lash health, and we will never put the health of your natural lashes in jeopardy! If you want a consult on which volume is right for you – stop by the lounge anytime in person! Or even text us with photos/questions at 780.966.7470!

The good news? With our new menu you aren’t stuck with 3D or 6D! As long as you are getting one of our new volume sets, you can swap between fills. So come get a LUSH 3D set, and fill over the months… when that special event is coming up (birthday, Christmas, wedding) – vamp those lashes up with a 6D fill if you want over the moon volume!

We will be coming out with more and more photos of our new volume lashes over the next few weeks! For the time being – stay tuned to our facebook page to see live updates!
For more information and pricing information visit: http://www.lashaffairlounge.com

Global News Troubleshooter & Lash Affair: Lash Extension Safety!


Global Troubleshooter Julie Matthews gets complaints from customers with damaged lashes far too often. Groupons gone bad, poor products… or bargain extensions gone wrong! The results from inexperienced technicians, poor training (or no training), and cheap product are some seriously shudder worthy damaged lashes that we unfortunately see far too often at Lash Affair from women who want us to “fix” what they had elsewhere.

969944_505397136193085_1814765740_n 7437_505533202846145_632463889_n

Julie Matthews went to a couple of the most trusted lash providers in Edmonton to see what red flags to watch out for! I was so thankful to be a part of this piece, as there just isn’t enough information out there for consumers when looking into lash extensions! The main thing to take away from this article is: not all lash extensions are created equally! If you or a girlfriend has had a bad experience… don’t give up on lash extensions completely! Find a lash lounge that does amazing lashes, has a great portfolio, and good customer reviews!

Julie dove deeper into what to look for in a lash lounge, and how to find a reputable lash provider! See the full story, complete with video (and an amazingly informative video) here: