If lash extensions are non-damaging, why am I hearing horror stories left and right of damaged natural lashes?

It’s with a heavy heart that this post is being written. Over the last few weeks we have had hysterical phone calls to the lounge, had women come in freaking out about their poorly applied lashes they had done elsewhere.. and have had some client’s come for full sets with such badly damaged lashes from previously (improperly) done extensions that there were bald spots we couldn’t lash!

So the question is… If lash extensions are “non-damaging” then why do so many women have damaged lashes after trying them out?

The answer is simple: untrained technicians, improper applications, and poor quality product.

You can get lash extensions everywhere these days. It’s a beauty trend literally sweeping the entire globe, and lashes are here to stay. With the rise in popularity, many women have dedicated themselves to the career of doing safe, proper lash extension services and truly setting the standard for safe and long-lasting lashes. On the other hand, countless other businesses have begun offering lash extensions just because they are “hot” right now… not knowing anything about lash health, application techniques, or even bothering to carry the proper adhesives that are safe for the procedure. You’ve all seen the signs roadside: Your local nail salon: “Now offering lash extensions ONLY $50”– or heard from a friend “my friend’s girlfriend does lashes. Her sets are WAY cheaper than the local salons!”.
Now, we certainly aren’t saying that if you go to a home based business or a nail salon, that you are going to get terrible lash extensions. However, the price of a full set is usually indicative of the quality you will be receiving. There are exceptions to this (some spas charging $300+ dollars for a set, and their staff only do 1-2 sets/month).
bad_lashes_3seen above: improper application of individual lash extensions. way too much adhesive used, and the extension is adhered to multiple natural lashes which will cause discomfort and damage.
seen below: improper isolation of natural lashes once again (natural lashes cannot freely shed). This causes twisting, flipping, and a stye as you can see along her eye lid.
bad lash extensions close up

Here are the RED FLAGS of eyelash extensions. Do not even PONDER these lash extensions, as they WILL damage your natural lashes. Have you had lash extensions before that were itchy, uncomfortable, or gave you eye issues like styes? Read below to find out why!

1. “clusters, flares, and semi’s” – RUN away!!!
Cluster lashes are not applied individually to your natural lashes. They are glued to a bunch of your natural lashes, and use a ton of thick adhesive to hold them on. The problem with this is that your natural lash shed cycle is completely disrupted. All the lashes that are glued together will keep growing at different speeds. As they grow, the lashes growing faster will pull on the follicles of the slower growing lashes, causing such issues as: a burning/itching sensation, twisted flipped lash extensions, styes, eye infections, and the most common side effect: follicle damage/trauma resulting in thinned out lashes, and bald spots where natural lashes will stop growing.
Our natural lashes need to be able to shed independently of each other. When cluster lashes are applied (slathered in adhesive and pressed to multiple lashes), damage and discomfort are GUARANTEED.
lash-damage_medseen above: a thinned out set of natural lashes from improperly applied lash extensions (most likely cluster lashes) which traumatized her lash follicles from constant pulling of the lashes adhered together.

seen below: A set of cluster lashes after a few weeks of wear. Can you see how much adhesive is used and how natural lashes are literally smothered, unable to grow, or be washed properly, or even move? These lashes are the worst culprit of lash damage and a reputable lash lounge will not offer them!16753402. Do they have a large variety of lash extension types? Lash extensions are not a “one size fits all” service… at ALL. When choosing individual extensions for our clients at Lash Affair we have over 250 different extension types to be able to custom create a lash extension set that will be non-damaging and easy to maintain by our clients. We have 5 different curl types, lengths ranging from 7mm-15mm, and 5 different thicknesses.
Why is this important? Because each woman comes to us with a unique set of natural lashes! A woman with paper thin, brittle natural lashes will not be able to support a thick, dense extension on her little natural lash. If an extension too heavy is used, damage will occur (breakage, follicle damage etc). Using a thinner extension on these clients ensures they maintain their extensions well and that their natural lashes stay healthy.
Many lash lounges these days are slapping on the thickest, heaviest lash extensions onto every client… “super thick” individual lashes are all they carry! This is where individual lash extensions can become just as dangerous as clusters or flare lashes.
Your lash lounge should carry a variety of thicknesses, and lengths to keep your lashes healthy!

There are some golden rules to follow when choosing a lash lounge that will help you avoid a lash disaster, and if you follow them, you should be okay finding a lash lounge wherever you live!
1. Do they show photos of their actual everyday work? Professional photos (or Iphone photos put on FB or instagram) are great, and a nice website is an awesome way to get a feel for a business! Look at their gallery and on their facebook/twitter page. Do they have lash photos of real clients? Do the sets you see on their page look full, and soft? Are the lash extensions shaped well?
If they don’t have photos of their actual work – and can’t show the real quality they provide, chances are they will not be able to give you the quality you are after.
2. Do they carry a large variety of lash extension types? Each client has different natural lashes and will need different lengths, curls, and extension thickness used to keep client’s lash health thriving. Find a lash lounge with a wide variety of individual lash extensions.
3. Do they offer a guarantee with their lash work? A reputable company set to raising the standard of lash extensions will make sure clients love their lashes! Lash Affair’s guarantee can be found here.

We understand that lash extensions are all the rage, and some women can’t always afford  top quality prices. At Lash Affair we work hard to bring women the lowest available price for the quality we provide. There are NO costs spared within our lash extension sets, as we believe each woman’s eyes should be pampered, and should have only the top quality products used on them including: conditioning gel pads during the procedure to hold lashes down (no tape used), the softest, bounciest lash extensions available on the market, and the safest, strongest lash adhesive available to ensure long lasting wear, and safety to our clients.
Our technicians are constantly trained, and pushed in their lash skills. Attending master courses when available, and under-going ongoing educational guidance through Lash Affair Academy. Lash Affair believes our technicians skills are to be sharp, and innovative as the lash industry grows, and that we are to be the best of the best with lash shaping techniques, application, and speed of our sets!
We also don’t charge “per lash” like a lot of lounges, but believe each woman should get the fullest lash extensions that her natural lashes can support!
vslashaffairSo whenever you’re in the mood to take your lashes from drab… to FAB! Do your research, ladies! Ensuring your lash lounge is knowledgeable, and has your lash health in mind is beyond important to your happiness with your results! We hope the points above will help you all find fabulous lash lounges wherever you live, and we can help educate others on “good” vs “bad” lash extensions!

601460_474488392617293_1307292282_n-1seen above: a set of lash extensions by Lash Affair. Properly isolated, individually applied, and beautifully shaped!

In closing, if you’ve had a bad experience elsewhere… do your research, find a reputable lounge, and let them give you the lashes you’ve always dreamed of! Don’t give up on lash extensions in general… not all lash lounges are created equally, and one bad experience does not mean that all lash extensions will be the same result. We help rehabilitate women’s lashes everyday at Lash Affair — and would love to give you the top of the line lash service you deserve! For more information about our services visit: www.lashaffairlounge.com
or call 780.966.7470

Have you had a bad lash experience? We would love to answer any questions you have and help educate you on proper lash application! Comment below!

May Giveaway! Lashes and Lollia… Ooh la la!


Are you all feeling the love in the spring-time air? We sure are!

This warmer weather has many women blissfully enjoying the outdoors… whether that be swimming, biking, boot camp workouts, outdoor yoga, or GLAMPING!
This is also the season where lash extensions REALLY shine, and get to show how resilient they are in comparison to traditional gunky mascara!

Warm weather = raccoon eyes for most women. Traditional mascara doesn’t hold up well in the summer and does everything from falling flat, flaking, smearing, and smudging oh-so perfectly under your eyes making you look like you have a summer shiner! Pretty, no?
Not really.

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Say goodbye to mascara that fails you by the middle of a hot day, and hello to lashes that are divinely fabulous. Oh, and did we mention you wake up with them every morning? No fuss, no fiddling, no nothing!
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