April Giveaway: Enter HERE to win a free Full Set of Silk Lash Extensions!

April Showers mean you need lash extensions to avoid black streaks running down your face ๐Ÿ˜‰64858_471969629535836_835823243_n

Do you love the idea of waking up with full, beautiful lashes every morning? Do you love even more-so the idea of them being free?! Well then we’ve got you covered!

April’s Giveaway is simple! A full set of our extremely popular silk lash extensions!
Silk lash extensions are the deepest, darkest black available on the market. They provide the fullest, most rich finish compared to our other extension types.
Silk are also known for being:
-extremely flexible and bouncy
-soft, and easy to maintain
-rich, and dense looking

With any lash extension service at Lash Affair, we customize our lash extension sets to compliment your unique eye shape, and desired look! Silk lash extensions come in a variety of lengths, curls, and thicknesses, so any look is achievable! We also pride ourselves on ALWAYS keeping our client’s lash health and comfort in mind. If you have had lash extensions somewhere before that hurt, or damaged your natural lashes… they were NOT done properly! Come to Edmonton’s Best in Luxury Lashes!

How to enter:
1. Click “SHARE” under the post that brought you to this page on facebook. (this will be verified so make sure when you share it, you make it a public post!)
2. Comment under the post with why you would LOVE to have a set of silk lash extensions!
3. Fill out the form below!

BONUS Entry: Follow us on Twitter and RT the contest link!

Winner drawn April 30th! Good luck, lash lovers!

17 thoughts on “April Giveaway: Enter HERE to win a free Full Set of Silk Lash Extensions!

  1. I have never had this done before, but think it is very beautiful on a woman!! Would love to win and try it out for the first time!!

  2. I’m getting married June 1st and it would be amazing to have a set of beautiful lashes to show off
    And of course no black streaks from crying

  3. I would love to have a full set of silk eyelash extensions so that I don’t need mascara in the morning! I am just do intrigued to try them!

  4. I am a new mom of a beautiful little 1 1/2 month old baby girl & have no time for make-up, I try to do my best to look fab everyday but its hard when you need to tend to someone else’s needs and my daughter always comes before me. This is why I would LOVE a set of lashes, cuz then that’s just one less thing I need to worry about and frees up some time so I can spend less time on myself and spend more time with my beautiful little angel. Xoxo Raylene & Vienna

  5. I would love a set of lashes because it is a pain in the butt taking so much time in the morning to get ready for the day. I love my lashes being full or even just having the confidence to leave the house without makeup would be amazing. Please save me from a typical woman problem! – Natasha

  6. I’ve heard a lot about lash affair and.every time you upload new pictures of lashes done for clients, i always wish it’s me. I love false lashes and i wear it every single week but i feel envious hoping someone will pay for. Me

  7. I cant wear mascara as it makes my eyelashes fall out after putting it on, it would be nice to have beautiful eyelashes once.

  8. I would maintain them if I won! And which in turn bring you more business, also I have 4 sisters whom I’m sure once they seen my eyelashes would love to get some. ;-).

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