Twilight Saga: Bella’s Vampire Lash Transformation!


Hollywood Loves Lashes!! If you’re headed to Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, take note of Bella’s lash transformation!

In the last and final movie in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2.. Bella is transformed into a vampire, and the books is describe her as the most beautiful, stunning creature. The question we were all wondering was how was Hollywood going to take the young, plain looking Bella Swan and transform her into her beautiful new role?

They didn’t do much… but what they focused on was what we at Lash Affair like to focus on: Lashes!!

Kristen Stewart’s eyes were given a more mature, striking appearance by using lash extensions and lash inserts! This created more fullness, darkness, and length to her eyes for the film! Keeping her natural, and recognizable, but adding a sultry look for every shot! We think it was just the right touch!

To get lashes like Bella’s – Lash Extensions are a must! A full set of silk lash extensions from Lash Affair with a mild-cat eye shape will have your eyes transformed too! Book at

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