Introducing: Lollia & Tokyo Milk

We are SO thrilled to be introducing these two new amazing lines into our product lines in-lounge just in time for the Holiday Season! We are all about lashes at Lash Affair, and these products are our first stray from that… but if there is one word to describe Lash Affair besides “lashes” it would be “luxury”… and these lines sure are in line with that!

Welcome to the Lash Affair line up: Lollia, and Tokyo Milk. Both lines are absolutely unique, feminine, and divine! Fit for a goddess.. and designed by the talented Margot Elena.

FIRST UP:    Lollia

as featured in:

Welcome to the Lollia Life.

Lollia is a world created with lovely details, blushing fragrances and flirtatious touches.

Join us in celebrating gracefulness and beauty with Lollia’s signature mix and match patterns. Unconscious allure. Unstudied sophistication. Quiet moments and close friends. This is Lollia.


With the Lollia line we are bringing in 4 complete “stories”. These 4 stories or “scents” will have within them a variety of products including: bubble baths, candles, fragrances, bath salts, body cremes, and more. The 4 stories we will carry will be: Relax, Wish, Calm, and Breathe. These are GREAT gift ideas for the holidays as you can “mix and match” corresponding items to form a unique, luxurious gift basket for a special woman in your life.

Next Up:    Tokyo Milk

as seen in:

Tokyo Milk is a daring, and sexy line. Using fragrances that push the boundaries of the norm, and take senses through a layered simplicity of scents. From musky and alluring, to sweet floral… there is a signature scent for everyone. The best part is once you find it… you can make it your own – available are: fragrances, candles, lip balms, body creme, bubble baths, soaps, and mini soaps. These products are also a great mix and match gift line – and the packaging is trendy-ventage, adding allure and interest to the line. See below:

Whoever you’re shopping for this Christmas… these luxury lines will be sure to impress (and not break the bank!). Products range from $10-39 and are that special “something different” that is sure to impress under the tree!

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