Meet: Lash Affair Owner, Courtney Buhler!

Hey ladies!

This is by far the most awkward feeling post I have ever done for Lash Affair.. but I think it’s due! My name is Courtney Buhler, and I am the owner/founder of Lash Affair! Since we have been growing and expanding my role in the company has changed and I am now no longer doing lashes (SO SAD!!), but instead have taken on the business aspect of the company, and feel like I don’t get to connect with you all like I used to! I wanted to share a bit about the company, myself, and the vision I have for Lash Affair!

My passion for lashes started right after high school! Lash extensions were SUCH a new, unknown beauty trend in the aesthetics world… but the moment I heard that such a thing existed, I knew I had to have them! My whole life I have had short little lashes, and no matter what mascara I tried you could still never even see them! When I went for my first appointment it was a blast! I loved having an hour to just lay and relax, laugh and have girl time, while my lashes were worked on. When I first saw my extensions- I was in LOVE. The only downside was that my first set set me back $350, and being an 18-year old girl working at American Eagle part-time… the cost just wasn’t do-able for me. Luckily, my technician was nice enough to let me clean her house in exchange for lashes (haha!!). So once a month I’d go scrub toilets and floors to feed my lash addiction!

That got me to thinking though… what if there was a place that offered the same quality of high-end lashes, but had a lower price point to make it accessible for the everyday woman? As I realized the gap in the market…the wheels started turning, and I started my research into training, lash brands, the lash market, and where it was going.

Two months later I was taking my lash course. My teacher said she hadn’t seen someone with such a “knack” for lashes right off the bat! I completed my apprenticeship requirements in half the time that was required, and with being reasonably priced – my client list soon grew to hundreds of women. Over the next 3 years I had also gotten married, and had my first son!

With being a business owner I had dreamed of being able to have more freedom with work scheduling (etc), but the client load soon had me working 12 hour days, 6 days a week… even then, I was receiving tons of calls with women anxious to get in. Being pregnant with my second (my daughter) it seemed that something had to give. I had never set out to hire an employee… but it seemed I didn’t have a choice! I brought on my first girl… and it’s been a whirlwind ever since! The Lash Affair brand has grown over 1000% in the last year and it’s all thanks to your support! We now have 7 of us working FT, and my small time business has now grown into a full fledged Lash Dream!

Lash Affair is on the rise, and we plan to be opening more locations over the next couple years. We hear you all up in GP, in Red Deer, on the far North End of Edmonton… we are on the hunt for our next locations to better serve you all!

I just wanted to say a huge thank-you from the bottom of my heart that you have all helped turn this business into what it is today. My life is filled with joy and there are many reasons. One being my amazing husband Dustin who also runs Lash Affair with me and is a huge support in literally every way possible. The other being my two beautiful kids… My son Gavin (4), and daughter Brynn (1) who bring so much laughter into my life it’s ridiculous! The third reason being you all – I absolutely love chatting it up on FB with you ladies, or saying hello in the lounge. Words can’t express how blown away I am with the support and passion our clients and followers offer Lash Affair! I am very blessed and don’t take this whirlwind of lashes for granted!







I’ve loved meeting literally thousands of you over the years, and am excited to meet thousands more! If you’ve ever wondered who exactly you’re emailing with.. or who does all the Lash Affair Facebook stuff… now you know! It’s me! Lashes are the new (insert your favourite item here: coach purses, fake boobs, gel nails, etc!!)… and the classic look of long lashes is here to stay! I’d love to meet you soon – come by and say hi!