Meet: The Lash Affair Lashionistas!

We are bursting at the seams with new and exciting announcements to make! Lash Affair is getting a complete new look, new product lines, new branding, and new services! The Lash Affair brand has been tweaked over the last few years, and with the commercial location opening at the end of Sept, we will finally have a “signature” branded style!

There are about 50+ things we would like to scream from the rooftops, but it’s all staying hugh-hush until our Grand Opening! There is ONE thing we just have to share with you all though, and are super excited about!

Meet: The Lash Affair Lashionistas!
This is our new signature style menu! Each woman has unique lashes, and wants a different look. Whether it be adding a little length, and a lot of fullness, or adding a ton of length and taking your lashes sky-high – our Lashionista Style Menu will give you an idea of the look you’re going for, and then we customize to your lashes! Let’s meet the girls!

We had Brooke Hagel – an amazing fashion illustrator from NYC draw up our menu… aren’t the girls FAB?!

Meet: The Diva ย (huge, over the top lashes for the ultimate glam-girl! intense dramatic eyes 24/7!)

Meet: The Bombshell (dramatic lashes for everyday! add lots of length while keeping it manageable for day-to-day!)

Meet: The Flirt (add a touch of length and a lot of fullness with this signature style. looks like mascara on steroids!)

Meet: The Beauty (oh-so soft and pretty lashes for the “she was born with it” look. girl next door lashes)

So… we wanna know; what Lash Affair signature style would you choose for your lashes?

4 thoughts on “Meet: The Lash Affair Lashionistas!

  1. Totally go for the bombshell!!! That’s what I want for my Sept 4th app. The dramatic look but not to done up. Would be perfect!

  2. I love the diva look! It’s over the top for natural everyday but I love it and it’s defiantly something others would notice. I think if I had it other girls would be buzzing and asking me questions, which I’d tell them exactly how I got it giving you more business, I’m usually the type to skip the lines but with your story I read it all. Congrats to you that’s amazing and love seeing people dedicated to their jobs. How inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚ Amazing job lady!

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