Siberian Mink Fur Lash Extensions – GIVEAWAY time – ENTER NOW!

Lash Affair is beyond excited to announce a new product available for Lash Extensions! We will soon be carrying in-lounge, 100% REAL Siberian Mink Fur as our most luxurious individual lash extension product to date!

This Mink Fur is 100% cruelty free and comes from Mink who are gently combed in shedding season to harvest the fur!

Why MINK?!

Mink fur is very unique. It is very dense, while being very flexible. It grows with a HOLLOW shaft! This makes it ideal for lash extensions as the hollowness creates the most lightweight extension available on the market! Lightweight = your natural lasts shed less often! Since it is a natural hair as well it is soft, bouncy, and mimics a human hair!

Mink Extensions are worn by countless stars in Hollywood. The most popular being J-Lo, the Kardashians, and Heidi Klum.


This week we will be posting pictures on our Facebook wall! These photos will need to hit 300 “likes” each! Once we hit 300 likes on our 3 contest photos… the entry form will open here to submit your info to win a set of these lashes that scream LUXURY! ($250 value!!).


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