NEW Lash Growth Serum – MAXIMUM results, no side effects!!


At Lash Affair, we look at lashes ALL day everyday! We see many different types of lashes, and get all the dirt on which lash growth serums work, and which don’t. For the most part, Lash Growth serums available in most major drug stores don’t do a lot to GROW lashes, but do condition them and keep them healthy.

We have seen over the years, many women who have used Latisse and loved it. Latisse does work wonders with Lash Growth (and we have seen lots of great results) – but comes with some scary side effects such as: darkening of the iris, and darkening of the skin pigment on the eyelid. Latisse is also expensive, ranging from $150-175 for a 6 week supply.

We have searched a long time, and tried different serums to ensure our clients are only getting the absolute best as far as Lash Growth Products go! We have carried Grande-Lash MD which was great, but we have found an even stronger serum with even quicker results to grow lashes longer, thicker, and darker, FAST!

AVAILABLE NOW AT LASH AFFAIR! $89 for a 3 month supply (one bottle) of EyEnvy Lash Growth Serum! This serum will grow your lashes so long that you will HAVE to limit yourself to only using it a couple times a week (after 3 months) or your lashes will keep growing!!

Strengths Of EyEnvy

  • All natural formula
  • Contains effective moisturizers and vitamins that help grow natural lashes
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Proven Clinical Trials and Health Canada approved
  • Few adverse reactions reported (only darkening of the skin on lid in a VERY small percentage)
  • Audio testimonials with before and after photos showing positive results
  • Works on both eyelashes and brows. Great for re-growing lashes and brows that have been through chemo-therapy, or that have been damaged or over-plucked. Also great for use while getting lash extensions to keep lashes strong and healthy, or to compliment a semi-permanent mascara application or LashLift!

For more info visit their website here: EyEnvy

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