NEW Lash Growth Serum – MAXIMUM results, no side effects!!


At Lash Affair, we look at lashes ALL day everyday! We see many different types of lashes, and get all the dirt on which lash growth serums work, and which don’t. For the most part, Lash Growth serums available in most major drug stores don’t do a lot to GROW lashes, but do condition them and keep them healthy.

We have seen over the years, many women who have used Latisse and loved it. Latisse does work wonders with Lash Growth (and we have seen lots of great results) – but comes with some scary side effects such as: darkening of the iris, and darkening of the skin pigment on the eyelid. Latisse is also expensive, ranging from $150-175 for a 6 week supply.

We have searched a long time, and tried different serums to ensure our clients are only getting the absolute best as far as Lash Growth Products go! We have carried Grande-Lash MD which was great, but we have found an even stronger serum with even quicker results to grow lashes longer, thicker, and darker, FAST!

AVAILABLE NOW AT LASH AFFAIR! $89 for a 3 month supply (one bottle) of EyEnvy Lash Growth Serum! This serum will grow your lashes so long that you will HAVE to limit yourself to only using it a couple times a week (after 3 months) or your lashes will keep growing!!

Strengths Of EyEnvy

  • All natural formula
  • Contains effective moisturizers and vitamins that help grow natural lashes
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Proven Clinical Trials and Health Canada approved
  • Few adverse reactions reported (only darkening of the skin on lid in a VERY small percentage)
  • Audio testimonials with before and after photos showing positive results
  • Works on both eyelashes and brows. Great for re-growing lashes and brows that have been through chemo-therapy, or that have been damaged or over-plucked. Also great for use while getting lash extensions to keep lashes strong and healthy, or to compliment a semi-permanent mascara application or LashLift!

For more info visit their website here: EyEnvy

How is Lash Affair different than other lash lounges or spas?

It’s a pretty bold statement, but we definitely stand by our claim to be Edmonton’s Premier Lash Lounge! We know that you will not find the same quality, service, or prices anywhere else! However, we get asked all the time, “What makes you different than other lash lounges in the city?”. We would absolutely love to tell you!

Lash Affair’s Technicians:

Every Technician at Lash Affair is a certified Lash Tech, and absolutely loves doing lashes.   On top of that, our technicians also receive exclusive Lash Affair training which teaches our specific methods, and practices! Our technicians have completed courses, practicums, and are all part of continuing education in the lash field. Most of our lash techs are also fully certified aestheticians, who have chosen to specialize in lashes as they are passionate about it – and when someone is passionate about what they do… it shows in their work!

Lash Affair’s Product:

At Lash Affair we use only the top quality product in the industry. We don’t skimp out and buy cheaper extensions to maximize profit margins, but instead only purchase and carry top quality lashes (not “plastic” looking lashes), and adhesives, all of which meet the strict Standard of Health Canada and their regulations. We do NOT offer “cluster” or flare lashes (a knot with 5 lashes attached that are literally caked onto your lashes)… as these WILL damage your natural lashes. Lash Affair’s individual lash extensions, and Y- lashes promote healthy and natural lash shed cycle – keeping your lashes happy!

We carry the largest variety of lash extension types in Canada. We have synthetic, silk, and mink lashes and in each of those materials we carry:
While the chart above may seem overwhelming to you… it’s not to us! The point of having so many variety of lash curls, diameters, and lengths is that we can achieve and custom create any lash look you are after. You tell us what you’d like… and your tech will pull the extensions they need to make your dreams a reality! We also carry glitter lashes, coloured lashes, and crystals.

We never “tape” down your bottom lashes! At Lash Affair, we carry specially formulated gel pads (LUXURY!) to hold down bottom lashes during the application process. They have collagen, elastin, aloe, and vitamin a, to condition your under-eye during your appointment. You walk out of your appointment not only having fabulous lashes, but also having under eyes that no longer have dark circles, puffiness, or wrinkles! These luxurious gel pads come complimentary with ever single appointment we offer.

Our adhesive is the best in the industry! Lash Affair has been around for 3 years.. and over this time we have worked hard to stay on the cutting edge of new advancements in adhesive. We now have our absolute favourites in-lounge, and we know that our adhesive brands offer the absolute best hold, flexibility, and bonding time! All adhesives meet Health Canada standards, and we have options for sensitive eyes as well!

You don’t have to wait 24 hours to shower with our lash extensions! Most lash extension companies make clients wait 24-48 hours before showering, washing your face, or getting near steam after their lash extensions are applied. With Lash Affair lashes, you can do whatever your heart desires after 4 hours, and SHOULD wash your face and lashes the same night as your appointment!

We also carry a wide variety of lash aftercare product! We want to make sure each of our clients don’t have to “search” for new cleansers, lash curlers, eyeliners etc. Instead, we carry everything you need to properly up-keep your lashes from make-up remover, heated curlers, Geisha Ink eyeliner, sealant to lengthen the life of your extensions, and black diamond coating to keep new growth dark and luxurious.

Lash Affair’s Services:

Lash Affair works very hard to offer only the latest and greatest Lash Services available. We have always done lash extensions, and have in the last year added: tinting, LashLift, semi-permanent mascara. We are also introducing lower lash extensions in 2013! As new lash services are added and brought into the industry – you KNOW where will be the first to have it available; Lash Affair! We are ALL things lashes!

Lash Affair’s Prices:

Lash Affair may not be the most inexpensive lash lounge in town, but with the lash industry you get what you pay for! We don’t charge “per lash” but instead we believe every woman deserves to have the fullest lashes that her natural lashes will support. At your first full set appointment we do about 90% of your natural lashes with extensions – this is because it we want to see how your natural lashes handle the extensions. If lashes are applied too full, too fast, it leads to clumping and tangles. This is why we work you up to 100% of your natural lashes with extensions within 1-2 fills! This leads to healthy, full lashes, that don’t stress your naturals. For the amount of lashes we do per eye, and the fullness Lash Affair is known for.. we actually are very inexpensive!

Lash Affair’s Reputation:

Lash Affair has been featured, and reviewed by many photographers, bloggers, newpapers, and more. With over 100 5 star reviews online- you know we can back up the quality we claim to give! We are also Edmonton Oilers Octane Sponsors and are listed on their website! See a full listing here:!reviews-and-features

So there you have it!  Don’t risk the rest… Come to the best!

Want to start your lash addiction today?
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March Lash Giveaway! ENTER HERE!

Hi Lashionistas!

Since we had such an overwhelming response on Facebook, we are opening our Giveaway for a FREE Full Set of Synthetic Eyelash Extensions by Lash Affair ($110 value)! For more info on our lashes and what they can do for you visit:

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Lash Affair lash extensions are the perfect compliment to any vacation! Who wants to worry about running mascara at the pool or while sightseeing? Lash extensions give you the freedom to feel fabulous while climbing out of the pool sopping wet, or lounging on the beach sans make-up!

One of our clients, Jeneise, got her lashes done for her trip to Australia! She was going to be her (Australian living) sister’s maid of honour in her wedding.. so she had to look stunning! Jeneise was so happy with her lashes that she sent us some pictures from her trip to share with you all! From freshly out of the ocean, to fun beach days, to dolled up for the wedding… you can see how lash extensions make -or complete her day to day look! Planning a vacay? Make sure to come for lashes first! Book online at

Spring Beauty Trends – Matte lips, winged linger, bold colours!

Spring is right around the corner!

Forget about spring cleaning, and let’s talk about spring shopping! Does your make-up bag need an overhaul? This spring it’s all about liner, brows, and bold lips!


Seen here, Adelle’s stunning make-up for her spread in VOGUE magazine. Notice how the winged liner makes her eyes look HUGE and striking. This with some added fabulous strip lashes, a bright shadow on the lid, and a taupe shadow blended into the lid crease, you’re set!




Seen below is the most bold trend sweeping through our make-up looks for Spring 2012. Matte lips in bold colours. Fuchsia is absolutely huge this year, and although we are used to the glosses and shimmers… this “matte” finish lip was rocked on countless runways this past Fashion Week.
With this said, your eyes might have wandered off the lips and onto the brows in the picture below! Strong, thick brow are an absolute must this season, and whether you let them run wild, or keep them big and beautiful while still keeping them prim and proper, anything goes! Rock the brows your mama gave you… and give the threading and waxing a break for a bit!



















Next, Let’s talk nails! We absolutely love this “Hunger Games” collection by China Glaze. They offer something for everyone in this fun collection inspired by the books/movie itself. From matte pinks, to intense metallics, earth tones, and a bright, bold orange! Available now in-stores, be the first to show these hues off!

Natural Mommie Reviews our Lash Extensions!

We had the pleasure of meeting Amanda (aka- Natural Mommie!) after she contacted us about trying out our lash extensions for the readers of her blog. This woman is ALL sorts of crafty, artsy, healthy, and all wrapped into one – Supermom. She saw that our adhesive is non-toxic, and safe for pregnant, and breastfeeding women… and it sparked her interest! What mom couldn’t benefit from rolling out of bed with perfect lashes?

See the full blog post here:




Thanks for thinking of us Amanda! Glad you loved your lashes!!

Lash Affair on Pinterest!

Lash Affair now on Pinterest!


If you haven’t set up a Pinterest account yet – here’s the low-down: Pinterest is an amazing way to find inspiration! While browsing your favourite websites – if you come across a beauty tip, a great recipe, an inspiring quote… you can then “PIN IT” to boards you create on this site! It’s an amazing way to keep all of your wonderful ideas in one place! You then have the option to “Follow” other’s posts – and can re-pin other’s PINS, if they also inspire you!

We are setting our boards up to inspire every aspect of women! Not just for beauty tips (although there will also be lots of that…), but for DIY, health tips, home decor ideas… and a whole lot more!

Follow us… and happy pinning, Lashionistas!