Welcome Emily!

The Lash Affair team is expanding!

I had the pleasure to meet Emily Gibson this week, and extend to her a place on the Lash Affair team!

Emily is an esthetician by trade, and actually wasn’t that interested in eyelash extensions at first, but was offered a spot at a different lash lounge in town. She took her training with Xtreme Lash, and soon got the hang of it. She was a natural, and her passion for lash fashion grew!

Emily soon excelled in lashes, and word spread about her full, long lasting lashes.

I, being a home-based lash tech, had the opportunity to see a lot of other lash jobs, and had seen the best and the worst in Edmonton. From lashes caked with glue, to lashes placed too close to the skin, to clumps, to twisted, painful lashes… and every so often I would have someone come in with lashes that were actually applied well, and I always took the opportunity to ask them where they had them done. The first 5 women I had seen that I actually liked their lashes, all had said “It was done by a sweet girl named Emily!”.

Naturally, when I went on maternity leave I steered all my clients to see Emily (and ONLY Emily), while I took care of my new baby girl. Now that Lash Affair is opening commercially, I took it upon myself to find Emily, and offer her a spot on our team!

Emily’s lashes are the only lashes I have seen in Edmonton that I was impressed with. I am so happy to have her as a Lash Tech at the new Lounge!

Emily will be starting Sept. 1st, and will be full time with us!



Randi rocks Lash Affair Lashes!

Take a look at these foxxy photos!! Randi came to Lash Affair to have her lashes done for her boudior shoot! They definitely added a natural, yet stunning look for her shoot. Can you tell these aren’t natural? Didnt think so!
These photos are taken by Melissa Raimondi of Candy and Cream Boudior! All of her packages (excluding marathons) include a full set of Lash Affair Lashes- HELLO BOMBSHELL!
Check her out at:

Hello world!


Hello, ladies!

So glad to finally have a blog up, and the new website! Have you seen it yet? http://www.lashaffairlounge.com

I can’t begin to tell you all how great it is to be as busy as I am, beautifying you all so you can roll out of bed in the morning looking beautiful. Lash Affair will be opening 2012, as I am in the process of getting my master team of styists together, training, and looking for an ideal location spot. For the time being, I am still working out of my home-based business (which is still super fabulous, I must say.. pics on the website!).

I am passionate about lashes, and am so excited to be able to open commercially to help the love affair with lashes continue (and grow!). There are WAY too many places out there scaring women out of getting lashes done, whether the problem be bad product, inexperienced stylists, or a poor application method – Lash Affair’s mission is to rekindle the love  affair women have with eyelash extensions, through having only the best of the best stylists in the business, using the highest quality product in the industry, and providing friendly, punctual service, every appointment!

I will be updating this blog as more clients have stories to go along with their lash experience. Just waiting for a few ladies to get back to me with wedding pics from their big day wearing our lashes, or a photoshoot!

Thanks for reading,